Project music

Royalty free music for your project

Image films, product videos, YouTube clips or music on hold – there are many areas in a company that require music. Companies are increasingly using royalty free music when setting such projects to music, since no performing right organization fees are incurred. Musicfox provides a high-quality repertoire of music tracks which can be licensed for use in your projects at low prices.

Royalty free music for your project

Benefit from numerous advantages by licensing royalty-free music from our repertoire:s

  • No payment of fees to collecting societies
  • Low priced license fees
  • Easy and fast license purchasing
  • Unlimited use of music within your project without any follow-up costs
  • High quality music produced by a team of professional musicians
  • Quickly find appropriate music in our music collection and detail search
  • Free download of music tracks (lower quality) for test purposes
  • Competent and friendly service

Typical applications for royalty free music

To present your company in an attractive way, it makes sense to use music in many areas. From pleasant music on hold for your telephone system to the heroic soundtrack music as an acoustic representation of the character of your company in your image film – with the right use of music, you can rouse emotions and ensure that your customers remember your company. Musicfox can support you in a wide range of projects, including:

Music for image films

The image film is a company business card in movie form: A film that portrays the company in the best possible light. At trade fairs, image films are shown on screens or as projections; internally, they are used for staff training or sent to press agents and other interested parties to foster a good public image. And, of course, you can present your image film online: on your company website, on video portals such as YouTube and on any of the numerous social media channels. When choosing the music for your image film, you should make sure that the music is suitable for your company. For example, classical piano music can underline the exclusivity of an upscale designer brand or an indie rock track can accentuate the youthful vigor of an adventurous motorcycle road trip.

Music for product films

Product films are used to present a product cinematically in the best possible light and to demonstrate its special properties and functions. Through an entertaining product film the potential customer can become acquainted with the product and be convinced of its benefits. In a well-designed product film, all the essential characteristics of the product are compiled and presented to the customer. In addition to communicating the pure informational content, a product film can also address the "gut feeling" of the potential customer. These two factors can significantly influence the customer's purchase decision.

Music on hold

Use royalty free music to keep your customers happy while waiting to be put through. This is how you keep them on the line until you can answer the call in person. In our music collection, you will find a multitude of jaunty, happy and relaxing music tracks which are perfect for music on hold.

Music for your website

Background music on your website can shift the mood of your site visitors in the desired direction: electronic beats on a club website or soothing sounds on a website for wellness trips - with the right music you can win over your visitors on the Internet acoustically too!

Music for business premises

Music is used on business premises to create the desired atmosphere: driving beats for motivation in gyms, gentle chill-out sounds in the wellness lounge or creepy sounds in the ghost train. At musicfox, you will find special music packages each containing tracks that go well together for you to use on your business premises and create the desired mood.