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Find royalty free music from many genres with a wide range of themes and moods in our music collection. Searching for something specific? Our filter-based detail search function will help you find what you’re looking for.

2. Inexpensive Licensing

Once licensed you are authorized to use the royalty free music within your project (e.g. background music in your corporate video) indefinitely.

3. Legally Secure Use

Our license and the royalty exemption document guarantee peace of mind that your use of the music is legally secure and that no fees are payable to collecting societies or performance rights organizations.

Information about royalty free music

What is royalty free music?

Music is royalty free if its author is not a member of any performing right organization (e.g. BMI, GEMA, AKM or SUISA). Every artist is free to decide whether he wants to join a performing right organization or exercise his rights himself. Musicfox’s artists are not members of any performing right organization and therefore our music collection is royalty free.

The benefits of royalty free music

Pay once – use forever: If you license music at musicfox, you just pay once and are allowed to use the music within your project for an indefinite period of time. You do not have to pay royalties to a performing right organization. Musicfox guarantees you legally secure use of professionally produced royalty free music at fair prices.

Is royalty free music legal?

Yes. If the author of a piece of music is not a member of any performing right organization, the music is royalty free and you don’t have to pay fees to any performing right organization. As the authors of musicfox exercise their rights themselves, our music is 100% royalty free.

Is royalty free music legally secure?

Yes. If you purchase a license, you will get a document which certifies that the music is royalty free without any time limitation. At a possible inspection, simply present your document to prove that the music is royalty free.

Applications of royalty free music

Musik für Videos

Music for videos

Royalty free music is perfect as background music in videos, e.g. YouTube videos. In our music collection we offer you a wide selection of instrumental music that can be optimally integrated into videos as background music. In this way, you can transport the desired emotion through the music without interfering with the image itself.

The majority of our music is available in several different versions. Some of them have plenty of pace to add voices, e.g. for voice over versions. Once licensed, you may use the piece of music in your video for an unlimited period of time.

Warteschleifenmusik für Telefon

Music on hold

Keep your callers happy with royalty free music on hold while they are waiting to be transferred on the phone. Choose from our music collection and pick a suitable track for your corporate telephone system. All our tracks are royalty free and can be used indefinitely once you have purchased a license.

Intro Musik & Jingles

Audio Branding - Jingles, Intros & Co.

Enhance your video, your podcast or other projects with catchy intros or a jingle. A short theme tune or a memorable sound effect at the beginning boosts recognition rates significantly.

In our soundpool you will find many catchy jingles/audio logos for you to integrate in your projects. To make it easier for you to find the appropriate music for your intro, we have sorted the jingles according to their emotional effect. Simply pick the mood you wish to convey and find a matching audio logo!

musik homepage

Music for websites

Incorporating music into your website is an attractive way to communicate with the visitors to your website. Purchase a license for any track in our music collection to use it as music for a website. The music on a home page should be entertaining but not too intrusive. Select background music for your internet site that is suited to your company and is an accurate acoustic reflection of your image.

Once you have purchased a license to use royalty free music as background music for your home page you can continue to use it indefinitely.

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