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On Top Of The World
Alex Röder | MF-6735
7 Versionen
Epic, heroic score track in the style of Hans Zimmer.
Showing Off
Mark Schwarz | MF-10158
5 Versionen
Motivating, trendy music for industry with a uniform arrangement. Editorial, reporting,...
Explore Something New
Alexander Schwab | MF-9585
7 Versionen
Lively, positive soundtrack music. Motivation and adventure.
Just A Working Day
Alexander Schwab | MF-3759
3 Versionen
Positive, friendly and powerful, forward-moving music - guitars, strings, celesta. With catchy...
The Day Of Joy
Alexander Schwab | MF-5164
5 Versionen
Positive, motivating, forward-moving music. Image film, product film, family and friends, change...
Breath Of Life
Alex Röder | MF-7662
4 Versionen
Fantastic sound collage for meditation, wellness, landscapes, space and research. The main...
Power of Motivation
Mark Schwarz | MF-9518
7 Versionen
Positive, sporty and motivating lifestyle track. Good mood and free time.
Jakuzzi | MF-12576
4 Versionen
Friendly lifestyle track featuring synthetic vocals, vocoder sounds and filter movements. Urban,...
Der Schwan
Alex Röder | MF-12567
6 Versionen
The famous piece of music 'The Swan' by Camille Saint-Saëns in an emotional, lively arrangement.
Alexander Schwab | MF-12704
4 Versionen
Atmospheric electro music with a big refrain. Lifestyle, travel and landscapes.
Interstellar Overide
Rob Schneider | MF-12694
5 Versionen
Neutral house music for industry and production.
All The Way Up
Alexander Schwab | MF-12526
6 Versionen
Cinematic music with dramatic build-up. Motivation, euphoria and heroes.
Alex Röder | MF-12520
6 Versionen
Cinematic, hopeful and emotional music with piano and strings.
Alex Röder | MF-12548
6 Versionen
Happy, moving classical music by Leo Delibes. Children, fairy tales, funny.

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Once licensed you are authorized to use the royalty free music within your project (e.g. background music in your corporate video) indefinitely.

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Our license and the royalty exemption document guarantee peace of mind that your use of the music is legally secure and that no fees are payable to collecting societies or performance rights organizations.

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What is royalty free music?

Music is royalty free if its author is not a member of any performing right organization (e.g. BMI, GEMA, AKM or SUISA). Every artist is free to decide whether he wants to join a performing right organization or exercise his rights himself. Musicfox’s artists are not members of any performing right organization and therefore our music collection is royalty free.

The benefits of royalty free music

Pay once – use forever: If you license music at musicfox, you just pay once and are allowed to use the music within your project for an indefinite period of time. You do not have to pay royalties to a performing right organization. Musicfox guarantees you legally secure use of professionally produced royalty free music at fair prices.

Is royalty free music legal?

Yes. If the author of a piece of music is not a member of any performing right organization, the music is royalty free and you don’t have to pay fees to any performing right organization. As the authors of musicfox exercise their rights themselves, our music is 100% royalty free.

Is royalty free music legally secure?

Yes. If you purchase a license, you will get a document which certifies that the music is royalty free without any time limitation. At a possible inspection, simply present your document to prove that the music is royalty free.

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