Music for image films

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An image film is the audiovisual presentation of your company. With music to support the images, you can address your customers visually and auditorily.

Effective use of music in your image film

Music is a very effective medium to transport emotions. You can take advantage of this fact when creating a soundtrack for your image film: Select background music for your movie which conveys the mood that you want to get across to your customer. When you combine images and music, make sure the music reflects the dramaturgical development of your image film.

Choosing the right music

When choosing your music, ask yourself what kind of emotion you want your customer to feel. If, for example, you are producing an image film for a manufacturer of designer furniture in the high-price segment, then modern, somewhat cool, technical music could go very well with the image. For an image film for a producer of baby clothes, upbeat music with a somewhat childlike arrangement would be ideal to emphasize the image content. In our music collection, you will find a subdivision according to moods which will help you choose the right music.

To try out which music is the best fit for your image film, you can download every music title from our repertoire as a demo version and integrate it into your project. When you have chosen a track, you can purchase an inexpensive and legally secure license for your image film and use it for an unlimited period.

Accentuate the dramaturgy of the video with music

When you combine image and sound in your image film, make sure the music musically supports the dramatic nature of your video. If your video builds up to a climax, for example, it will be even more effective if the music reaches a climax at the same point.

When you license music at musicfox, you will be granted basic editing rights, which allow you to cut the music in any way you like, so that it harmonizes perfectly with the picture content of your video. Most music titles are available in several versions and these are all included in the license purchase. You can also combine multiple versions of a music track as background music for your image film, thus creating a unique piece of music that is perfectly tuned to your movie.

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