Music on hold

Keep your customers entertained with royalty free music!

Make the time your customers spend holding the line as pleasant as possible by using royalty free music on hold! In our music collection you can find royalty free music that will keep your customers happy until you are ready to answer the call in person.

Music and messages on hold

Keep your customers happy while holding the line with pleasant, royalty free on hold music. Choose the friendliest, most pleasant music to put your customers in a positive mood while they are waiting. Add short messages to your on hold music! This creates more variety and makes holding the line more enjoyable.

Pleasant music for a positive feeling

In our music collection, among, for example, the moods positive, friendly or easygoing eine Auswahl an Musik, die als Warteschleifenmusik gut geeignet sind. Nachfolgend sehen Sie einige Beispiele für Musiktitel aus unserem Katalog, die wir als Wartemusik empfehlen können.

Up Jump The Boogie


Here I Am


Von fremden Ländern


Something In Common


Bobby On The Car


Caribbean Flowers