Royalty free relaxing music

Relaxation and meditation with royalty free music

Meditation, yoga, autogenic training, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation: there are many ways to attain a state of tranquility and develop inner strength. Music plays an essential role and is used to help achieve a state of deep relaxation. In our collection of royalty free music, you will find gentle, quiet music which invites you to meditate and relax.

Effects of relaxing music

Music can motivate us, it can make us feel sad or happy and serene. Brain research has investigated how music and emotions are connected. Using imaging techniques, e.g. functional magnetic resonance tomography, researchers observed which brain areas are active when listening to certain music. There was found to be a connection between the music we listen to and the pattern of our brain activities. Music has thus been scientifically proven to have an influence on brain activity and therefore also on our state of mind.

Music is used in many areas to specifically create certain emotions. Using gentle, slow, pleasant sounds in relaxing music can help the listener to achieve a calm and relaxed state.

Here are some examples of relaxing music from musicfox's music collection:



Deep Relaxation


Medi Harp


Where to use relaxing music

Relaxing music is used in a variety of different areas: guided meditation, relaxation videos on YouTube, background music for autogenic training or guided imagery. If you want to produce media of this kind with relaxing background music, you will find a wide range of titles among the themes meditation or wellness in our music collection.

Relaxing music

Using relaxing music as background music in premises

If you would like to use royalty free relaxing music on your business premises, for example in waiting rooms or classrooms, we recommend our inexpensive background music bundles for business premises.