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Background music for your website – royalty free.

Background music on websites can enhance the visitor experience by adding an auditory element. However, the choice of music and its implementation on the website require some careful handling. Our tip: Choose background music that is low-key and unintrusive so that your visitors can concentrate on the content of your homepage. We also recommend including controls on your website so that visitors can turn the music on and off as they please.

Music on the website

Gentle Mediterranean sounds on a holiday travel website, cool electronic beats on a night club’s company page - music can help improve the experience of a website visit by transporting the desired emotion. When selecting the background music and implementing it on the website, we recommend you keep the following tips in mind:

Background music should enhance, not dominate

When choosing the music, the first thing you should consider is whether it goes well with your website: For a wellness hotel, this would likely be gentle chill-out music, while a commercial site for laser tag venues should be a bit more up-tempo. In any case, however, we recommend that you select the music to support the text and image content on your site, as opposed to it being so much in the forefront that it dominates the rest of the content.

You can achieve this by choosing music that doesn’t variate too much and has a fairly uniform tone, so that you create a certain mood without distracting too much from your text content. If there are several versions of a musical title, try them out, as the versions are generally arranged in a somewhat reduced manner and therefore tend to be more suitable as background music for your website.

Let the visitor decide

Let your visitors decide if they want to listen to music or not. As you do not know what context your visitors are currently in, i.e. whether they are sitting comfortably on the couch at home or are in a quiet library, give them the possibility to decide whether they want to hear the background music on your website right now or if they just want to read your text content. We therefore recommend that you include controls on your website that allow your visitors to turn the background music on and off as they please.

In our music collection, you will find music titles which are perfect as background music for your website. Choose a theme, genre or mood that suits your business and select the ideal music for your site!

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