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Audio Branding

Acoustic brand management has become an integral part of marketing. Through the use of a recurring acoustic element in conjunction with the brand, e.g., in the form of an audio logo, a jingle or an intro, the listener starts to associate a sound with a certain brand.

The objective of audio branding

Intro music, jingles, audio logos – acoustic elements in general – primarily serve the purpose of increasing the brand's recognition value. Audio branding is aimed at making the listener instantly connect a particular sound to a brand. For the listener to develop this connection as quickly as possible, the acoustic element in audio branding should be short and memorable. In addition, audio branding should be integrated into the company's entire corporate identity.

Short and memorable

It is advisable to select a short and memorable track (or soundscape) for audio branding so that the listener makes the connection between sound and brand as quickly as possible. In this case, less is more! The shorter the acoustic element is, the quicker the listener will learn to recognize it. The more striking and the simpler the acoustic element is, the easier it is for the listener to remember it. This means there are two essential requirements for an acoustic element to make it ideal as an audio logo, jingle or as intro music: It must be a) short and b) memorable.

Transporting the brand image

Audio branding is the acoustic component of corporate identity. Therefore, it should also be tailored to the overall presentation of the company. The audio branding for a tour operator for adventure trips, for example, could sound rather exciting and dynamic, while a manufacturer of medical high-tech devices should rather go for serious or modern technical sounds to aptly represent his brand in musical form.

In our soundpool in the Audio branding section , we have prepared various keywords for characteristics, such as: modern, technical, rock or serious. Simply choose which of these styles applies to your brand and you will receive appropriate suggestions for acoustic elements that can be used as a jingle, audio logo or intro music and go well with your brand.

Examples of audio logos, jingles and intros

To give you an impression, we have prepared some examples for you which you can license in our soundpool in the Audio branding section.

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