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The royalty free music tracks on this page can be used commercially and privately free of charge in your videos (e.g. image films, YouTube videos or product films) if you name musicfox as the source with a link!

How you link musicfox is up to you. Here are some suggestions: Examples of linking

Waiting For The Train

Neutral, rhythmically driving, conservative groove with gospel elements.

Dancing Street

Fun lifestyle track in retro style without melodies.

Funky Stuff

Funky lifestyle track without melody.

Hot Dogs For Breakfast

Classic boogie-woogie with stomps and claps. Pure good mood.


Romantic music with harmonica and acoustic guitars.

Ambient Pearls

Chilled ambient track, calming and cool in a modern arrangement.

Space Running

Driving electro beat with spherical elements.

Pretty Organ

Naive, comical electric organ.

Sad Days

Serious emotional piano music.

It's Not Easy

Action / rock track without buildup.

The Small Farm

Acoustic, friendly music. Rural, family.

Loop Line

Neutral, subtle groove sound bed with moving sounds.


Driving pop groove with guitar melodies; In the middle part with ethnic flutes.

Lift Me Up

Gospel blues with a continuous increase in the arrangement. Joy of life and feel good.

Physical Dreams

Spherical synthesizer music with a catchy melody.

Talkline Nr. 7

Warm electronic sound and groove bed with catchy melodic phrases.

Old News

Lifestyle groove in retro style without melody.

The Danube Melody

Romantic score track theme with a big chorus.

The First Sunrise

Calm, spherical music with emotional melodies. Soprano saxophone and electric piano lines.

Big Synth Action

Modern action music, synthesizer sounds, dub step drums and effect sounds.

Industrial Dance

Modern industrial music. Positive, motivating with an increasing arrangement.

Modern Industry

Modern industrial music. Suitable for large events, technology and as modern product music.


Neutral, electronic industrial track. Slightly tension-generating.

Shopping Street

Friendly, neutral track without melody and buildup.


Very dynamic, dramatic trailer music. Starts very quietly and becomes very loud.

Sixty Seconds

Exciting timer music for shows and documentaries.

Technical Innovation

Neutral and driving industrial music. Innovation, technology and visions.

Minimal Marimba

Minimalistic marimba track with a small line-up and slightly mischievous. Explanatory films and documentaries.

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La Dolce Vita

Friendly, moving classical pop music in the style of Rondo Veneziano.

O Tannenbaum

Well-known German Christmas carol.

The Last Race In Hell

Cinematic, slightly heroic cyber punk.

The Last Action Film

Cyber ​​punk for action and sports.

Say It Quickly

Cinematic DnB track. Action and urban life.


Clichéd 80's-style guitar rock song; Melodic chorus and riff-based verse.

Süßer, die Glocken nie klingen

Friendly arrangement of a famous German Christmas carol.

Backe, backe Kuchen

Well-known German children's song in a friendly arrangement.

Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer

Funny German children's song in a child-friendly arrangement.

Ein Mann, der sich Kolumbus nannt

German children's song in a childlike arrangement.

Excess Party

Rock track with catchy melodies. Slightly based on the 'Bon Jovi' sound.


Modern, melodic chillout track. Positive, neutral and subtle.

Robo Dance

Funny dubstep track. Comic, children, computer.

Helium On Planet

Typical electronic 'Jean Michel Jarre' music with a memorable melody, spherical pads and many effects.

Against The Wind

Positive pop / rock song with a melodic, slightly epic chorus.

A Little Ska

Funny Ska title with whistling, accordion, brass and electric guitars.

Electro News

News ticker electro track with distinctive sound interjections and small melodies.

Just In Time

Striking news ticker music.

Beauty Atmo

Esoteric chillout track. Spherical and minimalistic, mood-neutral music.

Doku Marimba

Neutral, subtle background music with an African flair.

Something Fresh

Atmospheric ambient music with minimalist melodies and pads.

Afternoon Highway

Neutral and calm sound bed with guitars, vibraphones, drums and effects.

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Prohibited uses

The royalty free music titles may not be used in a context that is incompatible with the law and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, public order or accepted principles of morality. In particular, the use of music in projects that are related to racism or the glorification of violence is prohibited.

Sub-licensing of the royalty free music titles to third parties is also prohibited.

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