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The Last Warriors (MF-1462)
152 BPM | G minor
Dramatic Hollywood trailer music with sound effects, choirs and orchestra.
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The Final Step (MF-932)
100 BPM | A minor
Big apocalyptic film music.
(All versions included)
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The Dark Battle (MF-1467)
94 BPM | E major
Dark action trailer music with big drums, FX sounds and orchestral effects. The arrangement winds down before the short but full-bodied ending.
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Desaster (MF-2017)
114 BPM | E major
Very dynamic, dramatic trailer music. Begins very softly and becomes very loud.
(All versions included)
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Hydra (MF-2357)
120 BPM | E minor
Exciting, modern film and product music with a technical, mysterious and powerful sound. No disruptive grooves or melody elements.
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Fantastic Dream World (MF-1893)
108 BPM | A minor
Fantastical romantic fairy-tale music, later surprisingly joined by a big orchestra with very heavy drums. Huge variations in terms of dynamic.
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Groovy Funk Show (MF-1845)
110 BPM | E major
Funky track with very distinctive guitar lick. Cool beat for technology and industry as well as shows and news.
(All versions included)
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Strong Intention (MF-300)
120 BPM | D minor
Action track, full of suspense and reminiscent of film score music with moments of tension and a big refrain. First large choir refrain from 0:35.
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Fresh Action (MF-2128)
120 BPM | C minor
Modern, action-packed music for industry. The modern soundscapes are later joined by voice and choir elements. The many alternative versions provide creative leeway when setting your film to music.
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Sixty Seconds (MF-5121)
128 BPM | D minor
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Heroic Strike (MF-821)
152 BPM | E minor
Opulent Hollywood action and trailer music. Suspenseful with a big orchestra and choir.
(All versions included)
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Nathan City (MF-4045)
84 BPM | C minor
Heroic and suspenseful action soundtrack reminiscent of Hans Zimmer. Action, landscapes, mystery and suspense.
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Trouble In Future (MF-1729)
86 BPM | A minor
Suspense action track with a hint of science fiction. Powerful beats and synthesizer stacks.
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