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Glorious Pegasus (MF-1294)
120 BPM | D minor
Typical 'Jean Michel Jarre' synthesizer music with and without distinctive melodies.
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Magellan Main Theme (MF-1557)
140 BPM | D minor
Big, epic, heroic Hollywood style music, with alternating solemn and rhythmic formal elements. Emotional but driving at the same time.
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Heroic Showdown (MF-1192)
85 BPM | C minor
Hollywood hero music with horns, choirs and strings. Formal elements with alternating epic melodies and suspenseful string figures. Many subversions for flexible scoring.
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Martini (MF-223)
156 BPM | E minor
Typical James Bond music.
(All versions included)
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Forever Gold (MF-9754)
104 BPM | E minor
James Bond music in an orchestral, visionary arrangement.
(All versions included)
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Way Out (MF-8156)
90 BPM | D minor
(All versions included)
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We Are Legends (MF-7652)
150 BPM | D minor
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Heroes And Deamons (MF-1552)
84 BPM | C minor
Big heroic Hollywood style film music. The track has a big buildup. The orchestra is later joined by choirs and percussion.
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Stories of the Universe (MF-1291)
116 BPM | A minor
Typical 'Jean Michel Jarre' music. 70s electronic music. Spheric, outer space, research and technology.
(All versions included)
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Helium On Planet (MF-1285)
107 BPM | E minor
Typical electronic 'Jean Michel Jarre' type music with a catchy melody, spheric pads and many effects. Romantic middle section.
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Apocalypse (MF-1185)
86 BPM | A minor
Hollywood action trailer music with a long buildup. The intro consists of a suspense pad - later joined by melodies - brass - choirs and strings. Many subversions for flexible scoring.
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On Top (MF-671)
131 BPM | A major
Uncompromisingly forward-moving AC/DC style rock song.
(All versions included)
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Crossroad (MF-288)
110 BPM | E major
Simple AC/DC style rock song.
(All versions included)
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