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Persischer Marsch (MF-8425)
0 BPM | G minor
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Brunnentanz (MF-1686)
174 BPM | D minor
Composition with a medieval feel - friendly with a moderate tempo. A naive melody with flutes, string instruments and small percussion. Slightly Irish feel. In six-eight time, thus the high tempo specification.
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Circus Maximus (MF-1697)
79 BPM | C minor
Documentary music for historical content - Stone Age - ancient times. Slightly mystical - soundscape with drums, atmosphere and small individual effect elements.
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Cannery Road (MF-10036)
145 BPM | E major
Powerful rock in the style of the 80s. Striving forward, sport, leisure and action.
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Träumerei (MF-422)
60 BPM | F major
Robert Schumann's 'Dreaming'. Romantic composition for piano.
(All versions included)
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Seventies Show (MF-7738)
130 BPM | G dorian
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G’schichten aus dem Wienerwald (Einzelne Formteile auch separat ) (MF-6321)
0 BPM | G major
The famous concert waltz in a very soulful and dynamic interpretation.
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Ancient World (MF-1711)
79 BPM | C neutral
Slightly bizarre documentary music with drums and sounds of human breathing.
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Medival Romantic (MF-1694)
101 BPM | A minor
Ancient history to late Middle Ages. Romantic music with traditional instruments. Beautiful landscape description.
(All versions included)
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Die Burgherrin (MF-1690)
90 BPM | C major
Medieval composition with traditional instruments. Naive to cheerful melody. Also suitable for Irish/Scottish contents.
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Flötensonate Nr. 130 (MF-592)
104 BPM | D major
Small chamber orchestra plays Frederick the Great's flute sonata No. 130. Friendly, serous and dignified.
(All versions included)
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