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Nervous (MF-10680)
100 BPM | C minor
Thoughtful, technical music for documentaries.
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Another Story (MF-4002)
152 BPM | D minor
Smooth, elegant and grooving documentary music in a fairly small arrangement. Documentary, travel, beauty and wellness.
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Prospect (MF-7851)
111 BPM | E minor
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Far Away (MF-2253)
72 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
Neutral documentary music with a very acoustic feel. Marimba, acoustic guitars and piano. Without drums.
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Stories Of The World (MF-4006)
158 BPM | A minor
Quiet and slightly driving documentary music with various ethnic drums. Versatile. Adventure, fantasy, production, travel and science.
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Filmscore (MF-4419)
0 BPM | G major
Epic, modern, hopeful and motivating soundtrack with a quiet beginning and a slow but fulminant buildup. Emotional versatile.
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Doku Marimba (MF-1454)
103 BPM | D neutral
Neutral, unobtrusive background music. Good for African content, documentaries and explainer films.
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Inexplicable (MF-8543)
102 BPM | E minor
(All versions included)
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Master Doku (MF-4015)
131 BPM | F minor
Mysterious, suspenseful and neutral music for documentaries and industry. Movement through ethnic drums. Documentaries, suspense, industry and production.
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Hippo (MF-198)
72 BPM | G major
Marimba, piano and acoustic bass with a light, simple motif. Suitable for documentaries and explainer films.
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Something Is Wrong (MF-11367)
143 BPM | D minor
Thoughtful, neutral and slightly tension-inducing suspense trap. Documentaries, information films and serious content.
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Inspired By Nature (MF-5292)
116 BPM | C♯/D♭ minor
Friendly and moving music with playful piano melody and driving accompaniment for documentaries and explainer films. Progress, innovation and science.
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Afternoon Highway (MF-1507)
107 BPM | B neutral
Neutral, quiet sound bed with guitars, vibraphone, drums and individual effects.
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First Hero (MF-297)
90 BPM | C minor
Heroic orchestral film music.
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A Little Bit Confused (MF-10068)
88 BPM | A minor
Diffuse sound collage for documentaries and serious content. Background noises such as crackling and distortion are part of the track.
(All versions included)
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