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America (South America)
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Esplanada (MF-1874)
70 BPM | A minor
Cool Latin American track with increasing intensity. Includes typical clichés.
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Paolos Song (MF-354)
110 BPM | A minor
Latin American flair with vocal elements with typical instruments. Travel and holiday. Don't miss the version without vocals, too!
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Holiday Fun (MF-828)
115 BPM | B major
Latin American feel-good holiday track in a modern sound design, with acoustic guitars, flutes, percussion and electronic sounds.
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Palm Chiller (MF-325)
93 BPM | C minor
Laid-back holiday music. Reggae sounds with elegant Jamaican flair.
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Balancearse (MF-1868)
126 BPM | G minor
Lively latin track in a typical arrangement with virtuoso saxophone solos.
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Flying Fishes (MF-1234)
104 BPM | A major
Latin/South Sea track with ukulele, steel drums and flutes. Rhythmic character.
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Been There, Done That (MF-8408)
80 BPM | E minor
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Dip Dap (MF-2044)
90 BPM | A♯/B♭ minor
Pop bossa - cheerful, lively with neutral vocals. Latin America, holidays, sun and beach.
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Cafe Con Lecho (MF-111)
210 BPM | D minor
Stereotype Spanish guitar music with rhythm group.
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Sunbeams On The Water (MF-835)
100 BPM | C major
Swinging, friendly holiday music with a hint of Brasil or South Seas.
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Beach Lounge (MF-7924)
94 BPM | C minor
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Gentle Bossa (MF-450)
173 BPM | D minor
Elegant, laid-back bossa nova with flair.
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Boa Kinga (MF-1221)
92 BPM | D major
Unobtrusive South Seas music. With ukulele, marimba, percussion and flutes as well as small voice effects. Somewhat spheric.
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Buenos Aires (MF-985)
127 BPM | C minor
Latin-jazz-funk fusion track with virtuoso solos and a catchy vocal motif.
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Caribbean Flowers (MF-1237)
100 BPM | D major
Caribbean sound design and lively reggae groove. Steel drums, ukulele and pop drums, later joined by voice effects.
(All versions included)
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