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Flying Balloons (MF-3013)
166 BPM | G major
Cheerful, funny, 70s style program music.
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Streets (MF-2950)
128 BPM | A♯/B♭ major
Industrial track with electro elements. Technology, media, modern communication.
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New Worlds (MF-2944)
144 BPM | C♯/D♭ major
Sound pad of strings and synthesizers, with and without beat.
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Shadows (MF-2483)
70 BPM | G minor
Conservative, unobtrusive background music. Balladesque, charming piano melody. Restrained arrangement.
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My Friend Laszlo (MF-2047)
136 BPM | G♯/A♭ minor
Virtuoso klezmer march. Jaunty world music track with accordion, clarinet, tuba and small rhythm group.
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Meine kakanische Prinzessin (MF-1660)
82 BPM | D♯/E♭ minor
Playful, slightly ironic, fairy-tale traditional song from the south of Europe.
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Global Adventures (MF-1589)
87 BPM | D minor
Orchestral world music track with voices and ethnic tones. Motivating track for global themes and travel.
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Strange Days (MF-1372)
107 BPM | Atonal neutral
Acoustic/electronic art track. The formal elements vary greatly. Technology and urban themes.
(All versions included)
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Relaxed Workout (MF-1267)
130 BPM | A minor
Friendly unobtrusive retro disco/house track with dominant melodies.
(All versions included)
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Heroes And Battles (MF-928)
185 BPM | A minor
Heroic film music with drums and choirs.
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Thinking About The Universe (MF-917)
110 BPM | G♯/A♭ minor
Synthetic, quiet music for production processes.
(All versions included)
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Technological Minimalism (MF-916)
70 BPM | A♯/B♭ major
Quiet, slow music for industry with an electronic feel.
(All versions included)
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Lounge Lady On The Run (MF-858)
117 BPM | A♯/B♭ minor
Positive old style disco song with elements of light suspense.
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