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Fanfare Of The Winner (MF-2283)
124 BPM | D major
Fanfare with big positive orchestral ending.
(All versions included)
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Marching Clowns (MF-2042)
108 BPM | F major
Funny, slightly bizarre theater music with orchestra and climactic elements.
(All versions included)
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Little Susie (MF-1721)
171 BPM | A major
Classic boogie woogie - also available in a bar saloon and a band version. Feel-good piano music, but suitable for nostalgic content.
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Inside The Magic Labyrinth (MF-1675)
120 BPM | G minor
Funny, emotional, slightly bizarre and minimalist track. The somewhat sassy and mischievous character of the melody is accentuated by the unusual sound.
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Fashion Manic (MF-1510)
126 BPM | D major
Comic electro track with incisive little melodies and climactic elements. Friendly with a playful middle section.
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A little Ska (MF-1304)
150 BPM | D major
Funny ska track with whistles, accordion, wind instruments and e-guitars.
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Get Into Sweat (MF-1258)
130 BPM | D minor
70s disco style. Positive with a neutral music bed.
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Boston Citylife (MF-1216)
89 BPM | C minor
Rhythmic, emotional pop/soul track with varying romantic piano melodies.
(All versions included)
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Sunshine (MF-1206)
100 BPM | D major
Positive lifestyle retro 'Beatles' style track. With and without sung hook/phrase.
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Drifter (MF-1204)
120 BPM | E major
Cool retro 'Beatles' style track.
(All versions included)
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Run On The Road (MF-968)
97 BPM | D major
Midtempo rock band - action track.
(All versions included)
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Science And Technology (MF-913)
106 BPM | C♯/D♭ minor
Music for industry with an electronic feel. Neutral to positive character.
(All versions included)
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Intemporal (MF-842)
140 BPM | C minor
Conservative house track with purely synthetic tones and elements of suspense. Typical music for industry.
(All versions included)
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Physical Dreams (MF-73)
90 BPM | C minor
Spheric synthesizer music with a catchy melody.
(All versions included)
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Childhood Memory (MF-5010)
120 BPM | C major
(All versions included)
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