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Afterwork In The City (MF-638)
87 BPM | E minor
Typical lounge or chillout music.
(All versions included)
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Soft Airwaves (MF-295)
120 BPM | G major
Harmonious, charming chill-out track with a positive to neutral mood. Later animated solos.
(All versions included)
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Smart Moves (MF-269)
116 BPM | E minor
Fresh, modern, neutral and relaxed song without much melody. Low-key e-piano figures with laid-back house style beats.
(All versions included)
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Essence (MF-9667)
140 BPM | F minor
Spherical chillout track with a driving groove. Moving and calming at the same time.
(All versions included)
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Velocity (MF-9764)
105 BPM | A minor
Chillout / New Age music for beauty and wellness.
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Cozy (MF-5584)
116 BPM | A♯/B♭ major
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Wantless (MF-5304)
110 BPM | A minor
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Chill Room (MF-2073)
101 BPM | C♯/D♭ minor
Laid-back lounge track. Urban and unobtrusive without any striking melodies.
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Mysterious Bonds (MF-759)
70 BPM | E minor
Wellness music with slightly suspenseful harmonic sequences and minimalist melodies.
(All versions included)
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Glaswind (MF-7919)
50 BPM | C major
(All versions included)
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Cosmic Flip (MF-757)
75 BPM | C♯/D♭ minor
Atmospheric, meditative synthesizer music. Pad-like with light drums coming in towards the end.
(All versions included)
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This Time (MF-8854)
93 BPM | E major
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Night Flight (MF-724)
104 BPM | E major
Friendly, unobtrusive lounge music with pleasant melodies.
(All versions included)
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No Stress Anymore (MF-9583)
95 BPM | A♯/B♭ minor
Soothing chillout music.
(All versions included)
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Eagle Nebula (MF-9572)
120 BPM | G♯/A♭ minor
Meditative ambient / New Age music with occasional interjections of vocals and exotic flutes.
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