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The Gen Club (MF-5808)
125 BPM | E minor
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Written In The Wind (MF-4949)
124 BPM | A major
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Mr. Sax (MF-5519)
70 BPM | A minor
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Above The Clouds (MF-4868)
145 BPM | E major
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Metamorphosis (MF-5334)
130 BPM | G major
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Talking Nights (MF-7377)
115 BPM | D minor
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Soaring Dreams (MF-7226)
124 BPM | D♯/E♭ minor
(All versions included)
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Coloured Spaces (MF-5158)
124 BPM | A minor
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Trouble Working (MF-7394)
128 BPM | E n/a
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Unagitated (MF-6598)
101 BPM | E n/a
(All versions included)
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Tritsch Tratsch Polka (MF-6415)
0 BPM | A major
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