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Adventure Action (MF-801)
120 BPM | C minor
Modern, suspenseful Hollywood style action music. Large drums, strings and synthesizers.
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Jolly Jerks (MF-707)
103 BPM | E major
Modern rock action track with virtuoso guitar solos and lo fi effects.
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Running On Fire (MF-75)
129 BPM | F major
Driving drumm groove with a pithy synthesizer riff and minimal melody.
(All versions included)
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Action Trailer One (MF-3893)
130 BPM | C minor
Modern action trailer music. Driving, big sound music.
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Buzzer (MF-4328)
124 BPM | D minor
Action-packed, heroic music for industry and companies. Sport, adventure and action.
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Jonny Wallace (MF-4041)
114 BPM | E minor
Modern action and product music with epic orchestral elements.
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Action Trailer One - Long Version (MF-4010)
130 BPM | C minor
Exciting action soundtrack with a mix of electronic sounds and orchestra. The track is supplemented by a lyrical middle section that makes it calmer. Suitable for technology, production, industry and action. A pure action version is available in MF-3893.
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Drum Extreme (MF-319)
127 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
Exciting action track with drums and bass and a lot of groove.
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You Just Want It (MF-11488)
67 BPM | F minor
Exciting, modern hip-hop / trap for quick cuts, lifestyle and industry.
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Hands Up (MF-11213)
150 BPM | G minor
Modern action/lifestyle track with slightly cold and very energetic atmosphere. Hip Hop, Soundtrack.
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Crazy Dance (MF-9217)
120 BPM | C major
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Crime (MF-2340)
144 BPM | E minor
An action-packed dubstep track with rock elements.
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Young Generation (MF-1157)
166 BPM | C major
Fast, feel-good rock track with small melody elements.
(All versions included)
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On Top (MF-671)
131 BPM | A major
Uncompromisingly forward-moving AC/DC style rock song.
(All versions included)
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Rockers' Lounge (MF-517)
160 BPM | D minor
Aggressive, driving rock track with powerful e-guitars.
(All versions included)
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