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Palm Chiller (MF-325)
93 BPM | C minor
Laid-back holiday music. Reggae sounds with elegant Jamaican flair.
(All versions included)
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Sailing (MF-583)
72 BPM | G major
Lively, romantic landscape description with a big refrain and acoustic instruments.
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GoPro (MF-11475)
68 BPM | G major
Friendly, subtle, rather neutral sounding music for holiday and industrialy with single vocal fragments. Global themes.
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Construction Time (MF-7866)
100 BPM | F minor
(All versions included)
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Small Talk (MF-7967)
74 BPM | D major
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On The Way (MF-9115)
110 BPM | E major
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Beach Lounge (MF-7924)
94 BPM | C minor
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Beach Fun (MF-814)
100 BPM | C major
Positive holiday song with a South Seas feel.
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Easy Goin (MF-9596)
116 BPM | C minor
Emotional chillout track with a subtle house groove and guitar riffs. Beauty, travel, wellness and the sea.
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Boa Kinga (MF-1221)
92 BPM | D major
Unobtrusive South Seas music. With ukulele, marimba, percussion and flutes as well as small voice effects. Somewhat spheric.
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Lift Your Spirit (MF-7863)
120 BPM | B minor
(All versions included)
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I Dream Of Vacation (MF-7445)
112 BPM | D minor
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Global Adventures (MF-1589)
87 BPM | D minor
Orchestral world music track with voices and ethnic tones. Motivating track for global themes and travel.
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Wabunga (MF-1797)
86 BPM | F♯/G♭ minor
Atmospheric world music track with a very distinctive percussion and husky flutes. (Shakuhachi) - Africa and Asia.
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Holiday Fun (MF-828)
115 BPM | B major
Latin American feel-good holiday track in a modern sound design, with acoustic guitars, flutes, percussion and electronic sounds.
(All versions included)
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