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Disco Star (MF-460)
136 BPM | C minor
70's disco track with strings and a virtuoso classic, somewhat humoresque piano passage.
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This Is What We Started (MF-4079)
180 BPM | G major
Friendly, motivating rock track.
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Rock The Club (MF-3664)
128 BPM | A minor
Jazzy house track. Sport and lifestyle. Positive, driving.
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Heaven Beat (MF-3208)
140 BPM | C major
Positive, driving and motivating trance track. Production, urban, lifestyle.
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Ravers In The Night (MF-2657)
130 BPM | A minor
Positive dance pop with catchy melodies. The track builds up again several times.
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Intemporal (MF-842)
140 BPM | C minor
Conservative house track with purely synthetic tones and elements of suspense. Typical music for industry.
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Bump It (MF-290)
139 BPM | A minor
Energetic synthesizer track combined with chill-out elements, melodies and spoken voice elements. Refrain as of 1:04.
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Occasionally (MF-7545)
126 BPM | E minor
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Sportscaster (MF-1270)
130 BPM | D minor
Technical-electronic and unobtrusive sound bed. Neutral mood but nevertheless a somewhat euphoric, positive sound design.
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Trash Stuff (MF-1001)
110 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
Action-trash track with fuzzy drums and synthesizer bass.
(All versions included)
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Rockers' Lounge (MF-517)
160 BPM | D minor
Aggressive, driving rock track with powerful e-guitars.
(All versions included)
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Crushtime (MF-176)
130 BPM | C minor
Fast aggressive guitar riffs over a drum groove with synthetic choirs. Later virtuoso rock guitar solos.
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Fuzz Driver (MF-3626)
77 BPM | C♯/D♭ major
Slow and rather repetitive metal track with a very distinctive mood.
(All versions included)
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