Road movie
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Right Now (MF-11243)
120 BPM | A minor
Motivating classic rock or road movie music.
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All Is Good (MF-902)
128 BPM | E major
Positive feel-good guitar pop rock track with very catchy melodies and an 'earworm' refrain. Handmade guitar pop rock, suitable for many applications.
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Cannery Road (MF-10036)
145 BPM | E major
Powerful rock in the style of the 80s. Striving forward, sport, leisure and action.
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Morona Country (MF-8668)
76 BPM | F major
(All versions included)
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Up Jump The Boogie (MF-1410)
107 BPM | E minor
Fresh soul blues pop. E-guitar theme with a retro style touch.
(All versions included)
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On Top (MF-671)
131 BPM | A major
Uncompromisingly forward-moving AC/DC style rock song.
(All versions included)
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Roadstar (MF-3)
98 BPM | D major
Stereotype 80's style guitar rock song, melodic chorus and riff-based verse.
(All versions included)
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The Catcher (MF-1540)
139 BPM | D major
Straightforward guitar rock with heroic and synthetic melodies.
(All versions included)
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For Those About To Shock (MF-1404)
116 BPM | A major
No-nonsense, forward-moving rock song with an 'AC/DC' refrain.
(All versions included)
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The Tramper (MF-279)
120 BPM | E major
Simple, friendly driving guitar grooves. Retro-folk rock song with small melodies and later a blues harp.
(All versions included)
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Waiting For The Train (MF-9987)
142 BPM | F major
Neutral, rhythmically driving, conservative groove with gospel elements. Travel, reporting, production processes.
(All versions included)
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Riding Waves (MF-8517)
135 BPM | F minor
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Wakeman's Tragedy (MF-3392)
77 BPM | B minor
'Lonesome hero' track. Rock track that starts softly and builds up towards the end.
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Under One Condition (MF-1181)
100 BPM | D major
Positive e-guitar pop with a neutral verse and a melodic refrain.
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Fit With Rock (MF-6966)
118 BPM | A minor
(All versions included)
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