Science / Technology
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Smiley Icon (MF-20)
87 BPM | C major
Friendly sequencer music with a charming little melody theme.
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Micromachines (MF-936)
125 BPM | E minor
Lively, playful synthesizer track without drums. Cosy to neutral mood.
(All versions included)
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The Ideas Of Tomorrow (MF-9317)
79 BPM | G minor
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Atomic Universe (MF-9481)
60 BPM | C major
Friendly, technical explanatory film music. Chemistry, physics and production.
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Labsy (MF-10748)
107 BPM | C minor
Visionary, emotional and serious electro soundtrack music. Exciting and driving.
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A Way To Heaven (MF-9546)
96 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
Soundtrack music with piano and big strings Motivation, progress and hope.
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Technical Details (MF-9310)
115 BPM | A minor
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Secrets Of Science (MF-9294)
98 BPM | F♯/G♭ major
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Ice Cold (MF-574)
94 BPM | A♯/B♭ minor
Cool electronic track with synthesizers and a phat bass.
(All versions included)
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News Of The World (MF-1339)
118 BPM | C minor
Newsticker music with and without melodies.
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Glorious Pegasus (MF-1294)
120 BPM | D minor
Typical 'Jean Michel Jarre' synthesizer music with and without distinctive melodies.
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Dr. Chemos (MF-31)
101 BPM | A minor
Static synthesizer lines intersperced with individual effects.
(All versions included)
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Fantastic Waltz (MF-10649)
76 BPM | B minor
Visionary and fantastic soundtrack music. Emotions, big pictures of the search for solutions. Somewhat mysterious and yet positive.
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Freeze In Time (MF-9919)
110 BPM | C minor
Technical, tension-creating synthesizer track. News and documentation.
(All versions included)
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