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The Huge News (MF-3635)
120 BPM | C major
A breaking news ticker or intro for news and documentaries. Also industry films.
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Newsflash (MF-10912)
132 BPM | F major
Typical intro for news and information broadcasts.
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News Ident (MF-10908)
125 BPM | C major
Intro for news and editorial reportings and information broadcasts.
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Global News (MF-1678)
115 BPM | E minor
Serious, orchestral, slightly dramatic music for documentaries/news. Staccato strings and later horn melodies dominate.
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Just In Time (MF-1335)
118 BPM | D minor
Distinctive newsticker music, with and without melody hook.
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Action News (MF-5031)
140 BPM | F minor
News opener. Short, action-packed news music.
(All versions included)
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Serious News (MF-9194)
119 BPM | C major
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Traffic Pilot (MF-920)
120 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
Newsticker music. Ideal for news and sport.
(All versions included)
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News Of The World (MF-1339)
118 BPM | C minor
Newsticker music with and without melodies.
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The News Today (MF-1490)
120 BPM | E major
Newsticker music. News, documentaries, industry.
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The World Of News (MF-5060)
142 BPM | C major
Big, orchestral and action-packed news / opening music.
(All versions included)
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Classical Doku (MF-171)
77 BPM | D minor
Short string melody with orchestral percussion.
(All versions included)
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News Ticker (MF-1332)
124 BPM | D minor
Newsticker music. Electro/house track. With and without small melody hooks.
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Wait A Minute (MF-9088)
90 BPM | F major
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