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Strange & Beautyful (MF-3473)
101 BPM | A minor
Technical, urban music. Innovation, modern technology, industry and production.
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Showing Off (MF-10158)
122 BPM | F minor
Motivating, trendy music for industry with a uniform arrangement. Editorial, reporting, innovation and technology.
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Sliced Tomatoes (MF-11437)
97 BPM | F minor
Rhythmically playful lifestyle track with a positive mood.
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Friendship Forever (MF-11297)
129 BPM | C major
Positive and forward-moving pop / rock. Production, community and friendship.
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Candy Walk (MF-9212)
110 BPM | D minor
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On The Way (MF-9115)
110 BPM | E major
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You Just Want It (MF-11488)
67 BPM | F minor
Exciting, modern hip-hop / trap for quick cuts, lifestyle and industry.
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Cool Walk (MF-10566)
102 BPM | B minor
Neutral, technical product and fashion film music. Innovation, lifestyle, urban.
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Shattered Nights (MF-1561)
123 BPM | B minor
Neutral to friendly house music for industrial and technical content. With subtle musical themes.
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Ice Cold (MF-574)
94 BPM | A♯/B♭ minor
Cool electronic track with synthesizers and a phat bass.
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Growing Beyond Yourself (MF-5997)
140 BPM | B minor
Modern, industrial soundtrack mixed with orchestral elements and synthesizers.
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Construction Time (MF-7866)
100 BPM | F minor
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Fragrance Of Light (MF-8056)
90 BPM | D major
(All versions included)
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Industrial Overload (MF-7908)
132 BPM | E minor
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Turn It Up (MF-7722)
126 BPM | C minor
(All versions included)
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