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Fragrance Of Light (MF-8056)
90 BPM | D major
(All versions included)
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Save Us (MF-9102)
100 BPM | E major
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Explore Something New (MF-9585)
90 BPM | B minor
Lively, positive soundtrack music. Motivation and adventure.
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Music For Productions (MF-11359)
110 BPM | A minor
Neutral, universally applicable music for industry in a consistent arrangement. Production and information.
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Resolution (MF-10558)
135 BPM | A♯/B♭ minor
Visionary image and product music. Technology, innovation, urban.
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Schakal (MF-9745)
150 BPM | F♯/G♭ major
Powerful trap track with subtle orchestral elements. Technology, urban lifestyle, fashion and traffic.
(All versions included)
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Tell Me Something (MF-11252)
106 BPM | A minor
Pulsating lifestyle/house track with vocal effects. Urban, fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.
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Hands Up (MF-11213)
150 BPM | G minor
Modern action/lifestyle track with slightly cold and very energetic atmosphere. Hip Hop, Soundtrack.
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Dreamcast (MF-10482)
65 BPM | A♯/B♭ minor
Emotional, driving motivational music with an elegant piano melody and subtle strings.
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Samok Chain (MF-9972)
120 BPM | G♯/A♭ major
Epic, exciting soundtrack with driving synthesizers and string figures.
(All versions included)
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A Way To Heaven (MF-9546)
96 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
Soundtrack music with piano and big strings Motivation, progress and hope.
(All versions included)
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Upright Shine (MF-7505)
125 BPM | D major
(All versions included)
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