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Just A Working Day (MF-3759)
125 BPM | G major
Positive, friendly and powerful, forward-moving music - guitars, strings, celesta. With catchy little melodies but unobtrusive.
(All versions included)
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Lucky Days (MF-4755)
102 BPM | G major
Humorous 'feel-good' track with a positive and motivating character. Family, vacation, friendship.
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The Best Friends (MF-6826)
120 BPM | C major
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Picnic With Friends (MF-11004)
140 BPM | D major
Lively, happy acoustic track with harmonica and flute. Children, family, vacation.
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Homeland (MF-3659)
100 BPM | G major
Friendly, positive, motivational corporate music. Also family.
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Good Friends (MF-8821)
120 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
(All versions included)
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Inspirations (MF-2847)
104 BPM | F major
Inspiration and innovation. Piano and strings. Typical corporate and product music.
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This Lovely Day (MF-9458)
170 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
Happy children and family music. Lively and humorous.
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Happy Family (MF-7946)
85 BPM | D major
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Peaceful Paradise (MF-7752)
145 BPM | C major
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Last Day Of Spring (MF-722)
143 BPM | G major
Emotional, romantic acoustic track with guitars and strings.
(All versions included)
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Friendship Forever (MF-11297)
129 BPM | C major
Positive and forward-moving pop / rock. Production, community and friendship.
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Sunburn (MF-9107)
125 BPM | E major
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