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Balkanomaniac (MF-1395)
125 BPM | F♯/G♭ minor
Slightly tragic and suspenseful with a touch of humor. Film pop song for southern countries.
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Mauritius (MF-3018)
105 BPM | C major
Stimulating 'feel-good' music with Latin elements. Arranged with sounds from the 70s. Typical TV program music.
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The Moor (MF-2274)
86 BPM | D♯/E♭ minor
Acoustic guitar plays a gentle melody.
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Ombra Mai Fu (MF-1582)
0 BPM | F major
Georg Friedrich Händel's emotional opera aria 'Ombra Mai Fu', accompanied by piano.
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Railway (MF-2519)
110 BPM | E minor
Lively acoustic guitar song. Friendly and entertaining with an unobtrusive guitar solo.
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Meine kakanische Prinzessin (MF-1660)
82 BPM | D♯/E♭ minor
Playful, slightly ironic, fairy-tale traditional song from the south of Europe.
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