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Spanish Zumba (MF-3062)
128 BPM | G minor
Funny to neutral electro house music. Sport, industry and production.
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Determined (MF-2976)
150 BPM | F♯/G♭ minor
Music for production, documentaries and news. No melody, forward-moving. Staccato strings and modern percussion.
(All versions included)
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Shadowlands (MF-2707)
58 BPM | A major
Big, descriptive atmosphere with dissonant moments.
(All versions included)
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Reflections (MF-2627)
82 BPM | C major
Friendly but neutral descriptive product music. Later (0:48) joined by spheric strings.
(All versions included)
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News Ticker (MF-1332)
124 BPM | D minor
Newsticker music. Electro/house track. With and without small melody hooks.
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Bata One (MF-5679)
102 BPM | B neutral
(All versions included)
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Sixty Seconds (MF-5121)
128 BPM | D minor
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Thinking (MF-4771)
80 BPM | C minor
(All versions included)
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Everything Matters (MF-3619)
105 BPM | C♯/D♭ minor
Charismatic art rock track.
(All versions included)
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Big City Light (MF-2969)
126 BPM | C major
Spheric soundscape with and without beat. Emotionally neutral.
(All versions included)
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Big City Walk (MF-2725)
82 BPM | E minor
A slow-moving and restrained soul/pop track yet full of suspense.
(All versions included)
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Can I ever surprise you (MF-2561)
120 BPM | D♯/E♭ minor
80's style fitness music - positive and punchy.
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Urban Lifestyle (MF-2537)
120 BPM | C minor
Positive pop/rock/dance track with distinctive riffs and licks.
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