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Kaiser Walzer (MF-6286)
0 BPM | C major
Friendly, lively waltz legend performed by the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra. Fairy tales, landscapes, festively lively. Part III: At first cautious with a fulminant ending.
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Klipp-Klapp-Galopp (MF-6293)
0 BPM | F major
Driving, humorous orchestral work interpreted by the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra. Fast, concertante polka.
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Carneval in Rom (MF-6295)
0 BPM | G major
Overture to the operetta Carneval in Rome. Moved and magical in a dynamic performance by the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra.
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Vélocipède (MF-6300)
0 BPM | G major
Fast, concertante polka interpreted by the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra. Driving, telling and humorous.
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Martha-Quadrille (MF-6302)
0 BPM | G major
Festive march performed by the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra in individual forms, also humorous and very moving. Positively driving alternating with calm, narrative passages. Very dynamic.
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Neues Leben (MF-6309)
0 BPM | E major
Classic, playful march. Harmonious, peaceful and humorous.
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Perpetuum Mobile (MF-6313)
0 BPM | D♯/E♭ major
Fast, humorous orchestral music. Playful and very dynamic with applause and an announcement at the end.
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Die Tanzende Muse (MF-6317)
0 BPM | A minor
Festive concert waltz.
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G’schichten aus dem Wienerwald (Einzelne Formteile auch separat ) (MF-6321)
0 BPM | G major
The famous concert waltz in a very soulful and dynamic interpretation.
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Éljen a Magyár! (MF-6326)
0 BPM | F minor
Fast, humorous, driving and very dynamic polka for orchestra with tragic moments.
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